Global Vision enables Quality Assurance
for All Printed Materials

Avoid costly print-related product recalls with Global Vision's ScanProof, featuring Contex wide format scanners. Within seconds, the combined solution can detect printing errors in labels, cartons, inserts and press sheets. Major manufactores and their print partners rely on it to ensure the accuracy of all printed materials.

ScanProof Featuring Contex Wide Format Scanners

With the precision of the Contex scanners, the quality assurance solution can quickly detect printing errors, such as broken text, color differences, or even missing or added elements. The solution is a must for manufactures in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics industries and more.

Printing errors happen. However, when it comes to customer safety, we can't afford these mistakes. ScanProof with a Contex scanner eliminates any chance of error, and this assurance is priceless.

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