Large Flatbed Scanner


Creativity & productivity without compromise


Any shape or size up to A2/C-size
Even documents up to A1/D-size

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64-bit hardware and software 

More physical memory for large image files. Windows 10 64-bit can support up to 2TB of physical memory


Up to A1/D-size

A true A1 scanner in A2 size

Simply place the documents and follow the guide. The HD iFLEX scanner will scan all your oversize documents up to A1/D-size. 


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True optics

Avoid image distortion

A traditional photo tends to warp images. You know this effect if you take a picture of a building. At the bottom it is wide and becomes narow in the top. The same can be seen with this original. Using a flatbed scanner you always get a straight scan without lens distortion.



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No stitching with Single Camera Design

Create 2.5D scanned images

The unique single camera design enables the HD iFLEX to scan uneven objects.

Precise light control enables the HD iFLEX to provide high quality images without stitching. 

Notice the stitch problem in the center of the lower half of the image. The dual camera design requires direct contact between object and glass plate in order to make a quality images. 


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Simply press scan

Load the documents or objects and press the green scan button - it is that simple!


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From laminate floors to electric guitars

Reproduction companies rely on the HD iFLEX

The HD iFLEX provides a true one-to-one ratio and within seconds of a scan, the image is easily integrated into the 3D workflow.







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Fujifilm lenses

Scanned image quality depends heavily on lens quality.

This is why Contex uses custom designed Fujifilm lenses in the HD iFLEX scanner.



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Scan to Cloud


HD iFLEX is rainforest365 enabled and will send documents directly to your preferred cloud destinations.






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Optional Scanning Software 

Benefit from the features of the optional Full Featured Nextimage software solutions and gain more file formats, improved image controls and even full color management and copy functionality.



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