Why more expertise
makes copying



Contex SD One MF

Contex is always striving to give you more: More details. More features. More possibilities, and more quality. In our new large format scanner, SD One MF, you will find all our knowledge compressed into one easily operated device. The SD MF large format scanner is equipped with a touchscreen the size of af tablet PC. This enables you to operate, edit, file, and share your scannings using the unique Contex-software. Contex SD One MF is all of our expertise simplified - the moving image on less actually being more.



We know that size matters. That’s why we have two

We know that size matters. That’s why we have two. Contex SD One MF is a compact large format scanner. You can choose between a width of 24 inches and a width of 36 inches, depending on your demands for large formats. Both models are compact and easy to place in any location or on solid surface.


Technology leadership to trust

Contex is the world’s leading manufacturer of large format scanners. Our leadership depends on innovative technology- and software solutions built to improve the workflow of our customers. Our country of origin is Denmark, famed all over the world for great design and innovative thinking. The products we deliver have achieved  the highest possible recognition, and our presence in more than 90 countries is our testimony of outstanding quality. Read more on contex.com.

Contex SD One MF

has arrived to give

you more siplicity

How less becomes more

Before scanning:

Place on any soldsurface - on a low-stand next to, or above your printer


Your Contex scanner fits wherever you find it more suitable e.g. using our purpose-made stands.  

Compatible with all major printer brands


Your Contex scanner is configured to connect with printers from HP. Epson and Canon.

Connect to network printers using you local network


Just plug your SD One MF into your network and you are ready to copy scan and share.

How less becomes more

During scanning:

Integrated touchscreen for intuitive operation


We have created an intuitive and easy to use interface

Edit, mark-up, and annotate on the embedded screen


SD One makes it mark-up and annotate the scanninas for copying as well as sharing

Scan directly


Wiht USB 3.0 you get the necessary speed you need to scan directly to an external drive.

How less becomes more

After scanning:

Easy sharing an all major cloud solution


Your Contex scanner anables you to share you scannings instantiv in the cloud

Easy scan directly to email or project folders


The menu allows you to email the scanning, and even place it invour own personal folder.

Runs with your preferred cost recovery solution


We are minimizing costs due to the direct printer driver, and therefor an improved workflow.

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